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September 2023


Special Focus: Refining Technology

Refineries’ pandemic turmoil—KNPC’s gasoline demand: Opportunities and challenges
Kuwait National Petroleum Co.: Matar, M. B.  |  Alqallaf, D. A.  |  Alesmail, I.  |  Al-Mutairi, F.

The COVID-19 pandemic is regarded as one of the most exceedingly difficult challenges faced in the oil and gas industry's history.

Racing to find the right separation technology
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems: V. Scalco

The global pandemic, economic slowdown and instability caused by regional conflicts have significantly impacted the approximately 735 petroleum refineries worldwide.

Reliable vacuum distillation requires reliable ejector system performance
Graham Corp.: Lines, J. R.

A fuels-oriented crude oil refinery must have good performance from its vacuum distillation section to deliver targeted yield and throughput.


Advanced integral vanadium-trapping technology for FCC catalysts
W.R. Grace & Co.: Kundu, S.  |  Cipriano, B.  |  Bougrat, L.  |  Holder, D.  |  Cooper, C.

Transportation fuel demand is predicted to peak in the next 10 yr–20 yr. This is being driven by efforts to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles as well as a decline in the demand for fuel in mature economies.

Process Optimization

Gas flaring system design and optimization with commercial simulation tool
Centre for Green Technologies/Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia: Tiew, S. T.  |  Foo, D. C.
IGL Services Sdn Bhd.: Razalli, R. M.

In the chemicals, petroleum refining and natural gas industries, gas flaring systems are commonly installed for safe operation to burn associated and non-associated gases.

Biofuels, Alternatives/Renewable Fuels

Implement innovative corrosion management solutions for biofuel refining—Part 1
Emerson: Fazackerley, W.

The production of carbon-neutral and renewable transportation fuels is growing rapidly, driven by the need to find feedstocks beyond fossil resources.

Carbon Capture/CO2 Mitigation

Beyond sequestration: Changing CO2 from a problem to a solution—Part 1: CO2 as a refrigerant
Fluor: Gould, C.  |  Joyner, R.  |  Deshmukh, A.

As the world continues along its energy transition trajectory, demand for blue hydrogen and reduced carbon emissions will make high-purity carbon dioxide streams available in many process plants.

Plant Design, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning

How to successfully coordinate a global megaproject
Swagelok: Hernandez, E. A.

When it comes to major petrochemical plant construction projects, logistical complexity can be one of the biggest hurdles builders face.

Heat Transfer

Riding the dragon: Sulfur plant thermal reactor temperature measurement
Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.: Jensen, D. R.  |  Hatcher, N. A.  |  Bailey, M. D.
Delta Controls Corp.: Coady, M.

Of all the fundamental measured process variables, temperature is perhaps the most reliable.

Maintenance and Reliability

The preventive maintenance “Job Plan 2.0”
Contributing Editor: Benomar, B.

The purpose of a preventive maintenance (PM) plan is to sustain the functionality or condition of an asset based on pre-established job plans with tasks to be executed at regular operating hours, elapsed time periods or work cycles.

Tanks, Terminals and Storage

A simplified dynamic approach for storage tank thermal inbreathing rates
Covestro: Kim, J. S.  |  Haines, R. J.
Bechtel: Lopez, J. P.

Storage tanks that experience sudden heavy rain on what was a hot sunny day can be damaged due to inadequate venting devices.

Digital Technologies

Connected workers can be empowered by digital transformation
Shiftconnector: Eschbach, A.

Plant safety, product quality and efficient operations in oil and gas processing rely on accurate knowledge transfer between teams and across shifts.

Process Controls, Instrumentation and Automation

Don’t just survive: Thrive with advanced process control
Emerson: Beebe, D.
Aspen Technology: Kalafatis, A.

There is a new adage in process manufacturing circles, and it resonates particularly deeply in the hydrocarbon industry: If you do not like market factors today, just wait a month.

Environment & Safety

Technologies helping the petrochemicals/organic chemicals sectors adhere to new flaring regulations
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Industrial plants, chemical companies, refineries, the coal industry and landfills practice gas flaring as a safety measure to relieve pressure or dispose of excess gases. 


Editorial Comment: Refining: An industry in advancement for more than 170 yr
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

The global refining industry continues to adapt and evolve to changing markets, policies and regulations.

Global Project Data
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure database is tracking more than 1,150 active projects in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

The automation experts at ATC Diversified Electronics, maker of devices for automation, motor protection, process monitoring and power quality, have introduced the new MPA2 motor protection analyzer.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Axine Water Technologies expands leadership team