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Cut the Carbon | Solutions for a Greener Planet
30 April 2024

At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we believe the quest for a more sustainable tomorrow begins today, with small yet significant initiatives like Cut the Carbon. Leveraging our experience and our passion for technological ingenuity, we continue to engineer turbomachinery solutions that reduce the carbon impact on the environment.

Learn more about this initiative: https://www.atlascopco.com/en-us/compressors/gap-campaign/cut-the-carbon

Empowering Sustainable Industry: Honeywell's Emissions Management Solution
8 April 2024

Learn how Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ | Emissions Management consolidates siloed data to help visualize actionable insights and unveil emission sources through time-series trends. Empower your team, meet sustainability goals, and drive positive change with editable records facilitating reporting for stakeholders from engineers to sustainability officers. Learn more at Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ | Emissions Management.

FCC propylene production, catalysts technologies and new solutions for the processing industries
14 March 2024

In this video interview, Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Luis Cirihal, President Refining Technologies, W. R. Grace, to discuss FCC propylene production, catalysts technologies and new solutions that are evolving the global hydrocarbon processing industries.

API Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP)
2 February 2024

As part of the industry’s ongoing commitment to continuous process safety improvements, API, in collaboration with industry partners, has developed a Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP).  This program will primarily involve the assessment of a site’s process safety systems by independent, credible, third party teams of industry-qualified process safety expert assessors.

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Hexagon: The Digital Twin
21 December 2023

Digital twins manage the asset information that evolves throughout the facility lifecycle. They are digital representations of physical facilities, mirroring how they behave. Hexagon explains how digital twins operate and how they can extract information, at the right time, to better manage and optimize operations.


Sponsored: Stop Corrosion in Mission Critical Equipment
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7 September 2022

IGS eliminates internal vessel corrosion with the application of a high nobility Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) barrier utilizing a proprietary HVTS process.

IGS HVTS cladding has been successfully used to save refineries $Millions, eliminating replacement or repeat coating applications in:

  • HT/HP Process Vessels
  • Tower, Columns, Drums and Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Renewable Fuel and Biofuel Conversion Projects
  • Boilers and Furnaces

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Sponsored: Discover the five reasons you need a plant-wide optimizer
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9 August 2022

Alarm Performance Optimizer, a brand-new product in the Honeywell Forge Alarm Management suite, allows alarm champions to centrally assess the health of each site’s alarm system against the corporate alarm philosophy, identify areas of underperformance, follow guided recommendations to ensure operation with consistent alarm settings, and streamline alarm rationalization activities. Check out this 4-minute video for more information on the Honeywell Forge Alarm Management suite.

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24 March 2022