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Lines, J. R.

Graham Corp., Batavia, New York

Jim Lines is an Engineer recently retired from Graham Corp., where he worked for 37 yr in various engineering and management positions. Lines has authored numerous articles related to heat transfer, vacuum process condensers and ejector systems.

Reliable vacuum distillation requires reliable ejector system performance

Graham Corp.: Lines, J. R.

A fuels-oriented crude oil refinery must have good performance from its vacuum distillation section to deliver targeted yield and throughput.

Steam-surface condensers: Lessons from the field

Graham Corp.: Lines, J. R.

Steam-surface condensers are used throughout the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Key design considerations for vacuum process condensers

Graham Corp.: Lines, J. R.

The crude oil refining and petrochemical industries make extensive use of condensers that operate under vacuum (i.e., below atmospheric pressure). Distillation is the most common process using these condensers, either as a process precondenser ahead of an ejector system, or as an intercondenser within an ejector system.

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