Europe braces for heavy oil refinery outages amid tight supplies

A heavy oil refinery turnaround season in Europe this autumn, plus French strike action, is set to push diesel prices higher and tighten supplies ahead of a European Union ban on Russian refined products which is due to come into force early next year.

Strike action, outages in France's refined product sector

France's refined products sector is under strain as a result of strike action over pay and unplanned maintenance which have led to more than 40% of its refining capacity being taken offline.

History of the HPI: The 2000s: Net-zero, environmental regulations, capacity acceleration and digital transformation

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

This final installment of the History of the HPI series details major events in the refining and petrochemicals industry over the past 20 yr, including stricter regulations/initiatives to curb carbon emissions, a safer and more environmentally friendly way to produce and handle chemicals, significant capital investments to boost production capacity and digital transformation.

No, TotalEnergies does not produce kerosene for the Russian army

As a shareholder of Novatek, TotalEnergies asked the management of Novatek on August 25 for information on what happens of the gas condensates produced by the Termokarstovoye field in Russia, in order to shed the fullest light on the recent controversy initiated by French daily newspaper, Le Monde.

Aer Lingus welcomes new IAG SAF deal which will power its San Francisco flights

IAG, parent company of both Aer Lingus and British Airways will purchase a total of 78,400 tons of SAF over seven years, enough to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 248,000 tons (the equivalent of taking over 16,000 cars off the road) across the same time period.

Major traders, banks cut business ties with Russia-backed Indian refiner

Many global oil traders and banks have stopped dealing with Indian refiner Nayara Energy, a Rosneft affiliate, as they are worried about Western sanctions over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Preem plans September maintenance at oil refinery in Sweden

Swedish refiner Preem is planning a partial closure of its 228,000 bpd Lysekil oil refinery in Sweden for maintenance in September for around one month, a company spokesperson said.

PDVSA pauses oil-for-debt shipments to Europe, wants product swaps

Venezuela has suspended new crude shipments to Europe under an oil-for-debt deal and has asked Italy's Eni and Spain's Repsol to provide it with fuel in exchange for future cargoes.

The downstream rundown: In case you missed it 08/12

In case you missed any downstream news, here are the top stories from last week.

History of the HPI: The 1990s: Clean fuels and emissions mitigation, M&A, GTL and the fieldbus wars

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Much like several initiatives passed in the 1970s and 1980s, the 1990s were a decade heavily focused on environmental issues, with many new regulations being enacted to not only mitigate industrial and vehicle emissions but also to advance the production of clean fuels globally.