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Improve metering pump reliability through maintenance training

Milton Roy: Louque, K.

While equipment reliability is not a new concept in hydrocarbon processing facilities, it is increasingly becoming the top priority for plant managers. Plant managers realize that operational efficiency is far from being a passing trend, and is closely linked to the quality and reliability of the equipment used.

Reliability: Troubleshoot hot bearings in hot pumps

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

The reliability engineering unit supervisor (REUS) working at a 400-Mbpd refinery wrote that he was greatly concerned about a bearing temperature excursion. He realized that certain rules of thumb had been handed down to his maintenance employees, and that not all of these conveyed the same numbers and guidance.

ReTPac concept from MAN Diesel & Turbo recaptures market for refinery applications

Tailored specifically to the requirements of refinery operators, the modular and scalable turbomachinery concept combines centrifugal compressor and prime mover to a single-lift unit, serving refinery applications like hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

Codes and Standards: Overcome technical difficulties in field pumps ordered to API 610/ISO 13709

The Augustus Group: Murti, D. G.

The continued objective of this column series is to increase awareness of code requirements, interpretations and limitations as they stand today, and the options available to engineers for “alternative engineering.”

Amarinth delivers API 610 VS4 pumps for STAR refinery in Turkey

Amarinth has delivered its first order of exotic alloy API 610 VS4 pumps for use in the STAR in Turkey.

Reliability: Consider amended warranties for rotating equipment

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

If you have ever encountered a situation where an equipment manufacturer declined to offer warranties, allow us to share three case histories.


Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Andrew, Bob

Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR) is the largest integrated crude oil refinery and petrochemicals complex in the Philippines.


Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Andrew, Bob

Planned shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs) are often scheduled for preventive maintenance and new equipment installation that must be performed to keep a plant running and in regulatory compliance.

Design a pressure safety valve at the centrifugal pump discharge

Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.: Kadam, N.

In most process plants, it is unusual to install a pressure safety valve (PSV) to centrifugal pump and compressor discharge, but some PSVs are needed and are installed to protect the system against miscellaneous scenarios that could create overpressure in the system.

Reliability: Transform ODR-OPPM into a worthwhile initiative

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

ODR, which stands for operator-driven reliability, has recently morphed into a new arrangement of letters: OPPM.