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Reaction control for hydrotreatment of bio-based oils in renewable diesel production

Emerson: Degnan, E

Over the past few years, the carbon footprint of the transportation industry has drawn attention as an area where much can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Argentina fuel firms aim to normalize supply after disruptions

Argentina's oil refiners and producers aim to normalize supplies of motor fuels across the South American country, companies in the sector said on Tuesday, following recent disruptions to gasoline and diesel sales.

Uganda plans to hand over exclusive petroleum supply deal to Vitol

Uganda plans to hand over exclusive rights for supply of all petroleum products to a unit of global energy trader Vitol and end a system that sources the oil products through neighboring Kenya.

Argentina drivers hunt for fuel 'like water in the desert' amid shortage

Argentine drivers ran the gauntlet to find scarce supplies of petrol to fill their tanks amid the most acute fuel shortage in years, which has left many filling stations out of supply and long lines at any pumps still operating.

Boskalis orders a dual-fuel dredger from Royal IHC

Boskalis has signed a contract with Dutch shipbuilding company Royal IHC to build a large state-of-the-art trailing suction hopper dredger capable of running on diesel and green methanol.

U.S. Midwest diesel prices likely to drop as demand trails off, supplies improve

High retail diesel prices in the U.S. Midwest are drawing more supplies from Gulf Coast and Chicago pipelines that should ease supply worries and cool prices, traders said, as farmers wrap up harvests and winter demand has yet to arrive.

Argentina says fuel shortages should ease soon, imports arriving

The Argentine government and oil companies said fuel shipments are starting to arrive that in coming days should ease a shortage, after a spike in demand caused long lines at gas stations.

Russian wholesale gasoline prices stable, diesel up

Russian wholesale gasoline prices were steady, while diesel prices edged up amid government efforts to ensure stability on the domestic fuel market.

Ecopetrol CEO says oil industry's future not threatened by energy transition

Colombia's oil and gas industry is not coming to an end due to the transition to cleaner energy in response to a union statement which alleged executive decision-making is threatening the majority state-owned company's future.

U.S. crude, gasoline stockpiles rise as refiners run less oil

U.S. crude oil stockpiles jumped last week as refinery utilization dropped, while gasoline inventories posted a surprise build.