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India's September fuel demand slips 2% month-on-month

India's fuel consumption dropped 2% month-on-month in September, data from the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell of the oil ministry showed.

OPEC leaders make case for fossil fuels at Riyadh climate event

OPEC heavyweights said oil and gas should not be stigmatized in the climate debate and that the industry had a role to play in an orderly energy transition.

Russia keeps ban on gasoline exports and cross-border sales of diesel by railway

Russia's ban on gasoline exports and cross-border sales of diesel by railway remains in place.

Russia resumes seaborne diesel exports after partially lifting ban

Russia, the world's top seaborne exporter of diesel just ahead of the United States, resumed exports of the fuel on after it lifted its ban on most fuel exports following a decline in domestic wholesale prices.

China is swing factor in diesel’s global squeeze

As demand enters peak season, Xi’s ability to dictate how much Chinese oil companies export looks like the key swing factor.

Russia lifts ban on most diesel exports

Russia's government said it had lifted a ban on pipeline diesel exports via ports, removing the bulk of restrictions installed on September 21 while restrictions for gasoline exports are still in place.

U.S. manufacturing rebound will stretch diesel supplies

U.S. manufacturers reported business activity declined for the 11th month running in September, but the cycle appeared to be close to its trough and poised to return to growth in the next few months.

Putin orders regulated prices for fuel oil, Russia's export ban stays

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government to provide state funds to ensure a smooth heating season, including the introduction of regulated prices for fuel oil supplied for household heating in some regions.

Russia may ease ban on diesel exports soon

The Russian government is ready to ease a ban on diesel exports in coming days.

Malaysia mulls expansion of B10 biodiesel usage to industrial sector

Malaysia is considering expansion of its B10 biodiesel program, which requires the mandatory use of 10% palm oil, to the industrial sector.