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Russian wholesale gasoline prices decline, diesel stable

Russian wholesale gasoline prices declined, while diesel was stable, with both remaining far below the levels seen on Sept. 21 when Russia introduced a ban on fuel exports to tackle high prices and shortages.

Mexico restricts imports of dozens of petroleum and petrochemical products

Mexico has put restrictions on the import of dozens of refined petroleum and petrochemical products to curb fuel theft and adulteration including certain types of gasoline and diesel, jet fuel and additives.

Saudi minister says oil firm acquisitions show that hydrocarbons 'here to stay'

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said that acquisitions by major oil firms such as Chevron's $53 B all-stock deal to buy Hess showed that hydrocarbons were here to stay.

Trafigura seeks to charter tanker to export Venezuelan fuel oil

Global commodities trader Trafigura is seeking to charter at least one large tanker to export Venezuelan fuel oil, a move that follows this week's easing of U.S. sanctions on the OPEC country's energy industry.

Stockholm to ban gasoline, diesel cars from city center

Stockholm will ban gasoline and diesel-powered cars from key parts of the city center from 2025 as it seeks to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise.

Russian railway gasoline exports fell by 80% in first half October

Russia's fuel export ban led to an 80% fall in railway exports of gasoline in the first 15 days of October from the same period in September to some 37,000 tons.

U.S. oil refiners crank out diesel, further squeezing margins for gasoline

U.S. oil refiners have cranked up output of diesel, heating oil and jet fuel for winter but are struggling to turn a profit because gasoline margins have fallen over 80% since the summer driving season ended.

China and India struggle to curb fossil fuels

China and India are burning record amounts of fossil fuels this year, even as they also install record renewable power generation capacity, highlighting the slow pace and enormous inertia to be overcome in the energy transition.

Diesel is subsidizing other fuels in Asia, but beware China

The profit for turning a barrel of crude oil into refined fuels in Asia has slipped to the lowest in three months, even though the margin on diesel remains elevated.

Russian seaborne diesel exports fell by 20% in early October

Russia's seaborne diesel and gasoil exports fell by 20% to about 1.1 million metric tons in the first 15 days of October from the same period in September due to ongoing seasonal maintenance of refineries and a fuel export ban.