Rerating rotating equipment optimizes olefins plant performance

Renard, D., Elliott Engineered Solutions

Rerating your installed compressors and steam turbines can become a cost-effective, time-saving solution for increasing throughput without having to invest in new equipment.

Investigate power limitations in a large steam turbine

Ghaisas, N., Fluor Canada Ltd.

An investigation was carried out to rectify power limitations for a steam-turbine driver of a cracked-gas compressor (CGC) in a world-class ethylene plant.DescriptionThe turbine is a nine-stage, impul..

Seal safety may require going beyond typical standards

Shaw, S., AESSEAL plc

Top industry professionals believe users must reach beyond typical standards in applying safer mechanical seals when hazardous and toxic chemicals are involved.

Consider both actual and virtual spare parts inventory

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Globally, hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) facilities operate hundreds of thousands of fluid machinery assets. The various service-specific internal components of these assets are supported by ma..

Consider novel CGC and front-end depropanizer system for olefins production

Xu, Q., Fu, J., Zhao, C., Lamar University

In the presented case study, an innovative design for an integrated CGC-DeC3 system introduces part of the heavier condensate from the early compression stages directly into the high-pressure (HP) depropanizer.

HP Integration Strategies: Asset information management improves life cycle benefits for equipment

Rio, R., ARC Advisory Group

Traditionally, the various production management and asset management systems in the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) and other heavy industries resided in silos with separate management, archite..

HP Viewpoint: Consider integral-gear compressors in CO2 services

De Maria, R. L., Gasification Co.

In 1998, the author began researching suitable technology for compressing 95 MMSCFD of “bone dry” (–100°F dew point) carbon dioxide (CO2) from 16.7 psia to 2,710 psia. The compress..

HP Engineering Case Histories: Case 72: Interaction between disciplines when troubleshooting

Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

When troubleshooting, we can become fixated on the discipline that we are most familiar—in the author’s case, mechanical engineering. Investigating the failure of a machine may have a group ..

MAN to supply compressor technology for Chinese synthetic fuels project

The site of the project is Yinchuan in the Ningxia region, where air separation plants are being built under the management of Linde and Hangyang for one of the world’s largest coal liquefaction production plants. The turbomachinery ordered will be used in one of the air separation plants.

High-pressure polyethylene: Reemergence as a specialty chemical or not?

The analysis results indicate that, while investment capital for new plants favors LLDPE, plant profitability—which is a function of product slate (revenue) and cost—is, in many cases, higher for LDPE plants.