Optimizing the dehydration process with advanced process simulation

Dyment, J., Aspen Technology

In the operation of natural gas pipelines, a blockage or leak can cause expensive production losses, damage equipment and pose safety hazards.

Comparing DNBP replacement options in styrene production

The manufacturing of styrene commonly uses 2,4-dinitro-6-sec butylphenol (DNBP) as a retarder to protect against styrene polymer formation.

Driving innovation in the downstream: IRPC returns to New Delhi

Adrienne Blume, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Gulf Publishing Company and Hydrocarbon Processing are pleased to announce that IRPC 2017 will be held April 18–20 in New Delhi.

Ceramic-based conversion produces clean, low cost chemicals from natural gas.

A team of scientists from CoorsTek Membrane Sciences, the University of Oslo (Norway), and the Instituto de Tecnología Química (Spain) has developed a new process to use natural gas as raw material for aromatic chemicals.

Shell starts new aromatics unit at Pernis refinery in the Netherlands

Shell Pernis started a new aromatics unit at the large Pernis refinery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

China's Zhejiang Rongsheng eyes doubling refinery capacity in 2020

Chinese conglomerate Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group plans to double capacity of a joint venture refining project to 800 Mbpd in 2020.

Central American nations beef up import infrastructure, fuel production amid demand shift

Nogarin, M., Contributing Writer; Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

   Methanex’s methanol facility in Trinidad.

New projects decline, but backlog holds strong

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

Even after the recent downturn in oil and natural gas pricing, our analysis shows why downstream E&C companies can depend on a strong backlog to last through the decade.

Southeast Asia’s Singapore hub thrives as neighbors cope with growing demand for fuels, petrochemicals

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

   State oil company Petron’s Port Dickson refinery   in Malaysia (top) has a rated capacity of 88 Mbpd. Shell’s   refining and petrochemical complex at..

HP Petrochemicals: Higher international sales boost 2015 earnings above forecast for many chemical leaders

Martin, S., Contributing Editor

Raw materials costs continue to stay low in the US thanks to the shale boom, but the global decline in oil markets has eroded selling prices for many of the nation’s domestic chemicals and plastics producers.