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Patidar, P.

Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

Prafull Patidar is a Senior Manager in the R&D division of Reliance Industries Ltd. He has 9 yr of industrial experience in separation processes, and in the process modeling and simulation of petrochemical and refinery units. Dr. Patidar earned a PhD in reactive distillation from IIT–Bombay.

Debottlenecking of an extractive distillation column for aromatics recovery: Effect of feed pre-vaporization

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Rewatkar, M.  |  Patidar, P.  |  Patil, R.  |  Gupta, A.  |  Garg, M.

Extractive distillation is one of the most efficient techniques to separate aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons by increasing the relative volatility of the mixture in the presence of a solvent.

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