Optimize amine units and improve refinery profitability

Zurlo, J., GE Water & Process Technologies

The alkanolamine system in a refinery, better known as the amine unit, is used to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and mercaptans (collectively referred to as acid gases) from proce..

Optimize crude preheat train to balance efficiency and operability

Zhang, J., Foster Wheeler

Critical attention must be paid when designing the crude distillation unit (CDU) preheat train. Many pitfalls can easily lead to unnecessary expenditures or unsatisfactory operations. Key design crite..

Are you using pinch technology effectively in your daily operations?—Part 1

Milosevic, Z., Rudman, A., Brown, R., KBC Process Technology Ltd.

Pinch technology is the most rigorous, systematic and best documented methodology for process design.1–3 Nearly all optimization projects for heat recovery are conducted with some form of pinch a..

Consider novel CGC and front-end depropanizer system for olefins production

Xu, Q., Fu, J., Zhao, C., Lamar University

In the presented case study, an innovative design for an integrated CGC-DeC3 system introduces part of the heavier condensate from the early compression stages directly into the high-pressure (HP) depropanizer.

Enhance operation and reliability of dividing-wall columns

Lee, J. W., LG Chem, Ltd.; Lee, M., Yeungnam University; Shin, J., LG Chem.; Lee, S., LG Chem Ltd.; Lee, B., AMT Pacific Co. Ltd.

Dividing wall columns (DWCs) are an attractive option when the goals are to reduce energy consumption and capital investment for distillation processes. A major component in a DWC system is the reflux..

Improve the performance of your existing steam system

Pelham, R. O., Merrick & Co.

This discussion tracks a material flow through the steam system, starting with feed and continuing with steam generation, steam uses and, finally, condensate recovery.

Improve your plantwide steam network

Pelham, R. O., Merrick & Co.

When optimizing an existing steam network, design and process engineers need a complete understanding of all aspects of the existing system. Accurate energy and material balances must be established.

HP Water Management: Need a package boiler in a hurry?

Huchler, L. A., MarTech Systems, Inc.

Acquiring a package boiler is an unplanned event that requires process engineers to solve this completely unfamiliar problem. To reduce the chaos of replacing them, here are helpful ways to resolve this situation.

HP Integration Strategies: The energy water nexus

Miller, Paul, ARC Advisory Group

Whether or not you subscribe to the global warming and “peak oil” arguments, it is clear to almost everyone in the industrial world that “business as usual” is not sustainable inde..

Foster Wheeler to design Korean steam generator

A subsidiary of Foster Wheeler AG's Global Power group has been awarded a contract by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. for cooperation in the design of a circulating fluidized-bed steam generator for Korea South East Power Co. Ltd.