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Ghosh, P.

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India

Prasenjit Ghosh is a Senior Research Scientist at CSIR Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun. His research interests include separation processes, reaction engineering, process modeling and simulation, and process intensification. At CSIR IIP, he heads the aromatics extraction area and the associated process modeling and simulation area. He earned a BE degree in chemical engineering from Jadavpur University Kolkata, and an MTech degree in chemical engineering from IIT Kanpur.

An innovative process for simultaneously producing high-purity benzene and U.S.-grade gasoline from FCC C6 heartcut

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Garg, M.  |  Patil, R.  |  Sapre, A. V.
CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum: Kumar, S.  |  Ghosh, P.

Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSAT) II regulations restrict the average benzene level in gasoline sold in the U.S. to 0.62 vol%. In India and in several other countries, benzene in gasoline is presently restricted to 1 vol%. Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline contributes to nearly 10%–20% of the gasoline pool in a typical refinery.

Improve solvent recovery in wax production

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum: Garg, M. O.  |  Kumar, S.  |  Nanoti, S. M.  |  Ghosh, P.

The solvent-recovery section of the deoiling unit for wax production consumes substantial energy. In this study, the effects of operating conditions (pressure), energy consumption and cost, and proces..

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