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Pump sealing for low-temperature hydrocarbons and liquefied atmospheric gases

John Crane Inc.: Savage, M.

Pumping of low-temperature and cryogenic fluids requires specific and unique engineering technologies for the shaft sealing system.

Case study for a high-performing refinery loss control program

Emerson Automation Solutions: Valentine, J.
YPF: Videla, R.

Most refineries have some sort of mass balance and loss control program in place for accounting, planning and scheduling, as well as for financial and operational evaluation purposes.

Cloud-based condition monitoring solutions optimize reliability of rotating equipment

India Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative, Phulpur: Mishra, G.
Nanoprecise Sci Corp.: McClatchie, D.  |  Vedula, S.

Hydrocarbon processing (HP) companies are seeking opportunities to improve productivity, optimize equipment availability and increase process uptime.

Equipment reliability: Critical to protecting margins in a volatile environment

ExxonMobil: Donlon, A.

For any hydrocarbon processor, margin is king.

Understand net gas compressor control logic from a process engineering standpoint

GS Engineering and Construction: Hong, R.  |  Chang, G. S.

In a refinery or petrochemical plant, certain equipment can create “gray areas” between process engineers and instrument engineers.

Digital: Three steps to implement a 21st-century disaster recovery plan

Allegro Development Corp.: Cox, E.

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, businesses across the US had another reminder of how unpredictable and unavoidable disasters are when they strike.

Viewpoint: Shifting safety from cost to value for oil and gas companies

Schneider Electric: Elliott, S.

In today’s business and regulatory environment, controlling a refinery or other high-hazard processing plant is increasingly demanding.

Reliability: Things to ponder when specifying sensor technology for pumps

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

The application of wireless sensors to monitor process pump hydraulic performance and defect progression in the power end of pumps is of interest to pump users.

Resolving vibration problems in a crude booster pump

Saudi Aramco: Rinawi, A.  |  Brashler, K.  |  Subaie, E.

The pumps referred to in this article are 2,600-HP vertical pumps utilized as booster pumps for the shipment of crude oil.

It’s not double trouble—it’s digital twingenuity

MAVERICK Technologies: Henn, J.

Much ink has been spilled over the concept known as the “digital twin.”