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New catalyst system to produce renewable diesel and SAF

ART Hydroprocessing: Watkins, B.  |  Baillie, C.

Hydroprocessing investments in sustainable fuels are gaining momentum, with a pipeline of up to $50 B expected by 2025 involving more than 250 projects, the majority of which focus on hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA).

Chevron Lummus Global awarded new licensing contract for HPCL's integrated hydrocracker and catalytic dewaxing unit

Chevron Lummus Global LLC announced the award of a new licensing contract by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited for the development of a grassroots integrated hydrocracker and catalytic dewaxing unit and a full catalyst reload of their existing lube oil upgrading program at the Mumbai Refinery in India.

Russia's NORSI refinery may halve high-octane gasoline output after outages

Lukoil's NORSI oil refinery in Nizhny Novgorod may halve high-octane gasoline output after an emergency stoppage at one of two plant's catalytic cracking unit.

Nextchem awarded licensing, process design and catalyst supply for biodegradable plastics intermediates in China

Maire announces that Nextchem, through its biodegradable plastics technology licensor CONSER, has been awarded technology licensing and catalyst supply by a prominent client, as part of a larger project located in Northwestern China.

Heidelberg University and BASF extend collaboration at jointly operated catalysis laboratory CaRLa for five more years

BASF and Heidelberg University will continue to jointly operate the Catalysis Research Laboratory for a further five years.

CLARITY – Clariant’s service portal digitally boosts technical support for 80+ catalyst customers worldwide

Clariant announced the favorable adoption and excellent performance of its digital service platform for catalyst customers.

Digital Exclusive: Bio-based aromatics give pathway to drop-in 100% SAF

Johnson Matthey: I. Gilmore
Virent: D. Kettner

In this digital exclusive, Iain Gilmore and David Kettner discuss a breakthrough process that provides the missing link to using 100% SAF in current aviation fleets and infrastructure: Bio-based aromatics.

Design considerations and decarbonization options for fired heaters

S & B Engineers and Constructors Ltd.: Malhotra, K.

As greenhouse gas emissions policies and regulations become more stringent, carbon dioxide emissions have taken center stage, with many nations targeting net-zero carbon emissions.

How to gain an advantage from the propylene production gap—Part 2

Petrobras: Da Silva, M. W.

This work will detail the available processing routes capable of maximizing propylene yield in refineries, allowing refiners to gain advantage from the propylene market.

Clariant’s catalyst chosen for Shenghong’s new world-scale biodegradable plastics project

Clariant announced that its SynDane 3142 LA catalyst will be used in Jiangsu Shenghong Petrochemical Co., Ltd's maleic anhydride production plant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China.