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Fisher, K.

Trimeric Corp., Buda, Texas

Use glycerol to dehydrate supercritical carbon dioxide

Trimeric Corp.: Beitler, C. M.  |  Fisher, K.  |  Lundeen, J.
Denbury Resources Inc.: Swadener, M.

This technology increases hydrocarbon recovery

When is CO2 more hazardous than H2S

Trimeric Corp.: Beitler, C. M.  |  Fisher, K.  |  McIntush, K.  |  Lundeen, J.
Pastor, Behling & Wheeler LLC: Tyndall, K.

Data shows potential harmful effects to workers due to acid gas exposure

Consider improved scrubbing designs for acid gases

Trimeric Corp.: Beitler, C. M.  |  Fisher, K.  |  Mamrosh, D. L.
Montana Refining Co.: Stem, S.

Better application of process chemistry enables efficient sulfur abatement

Minimize flaring with flare gas recovery

Jacobs Consultancy: Brendel, R.
Trimeric Corp.: Fisher, K.
John Zink Co. LLC: Brennan, D.
Lion Oil Co.: Fisher, P. W.

To reduce facility-wide air emission, a refinery retrofitted the flare system and reuses waste gas as fuel gas

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