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Mamrosh, D. L.

Trimeric Corp., Buda, Texas

Darryl Mamrosh, P. E., is a senior engineer at Trimeric Corp. He has 30 years of experience in process engineering and process development for the petroleum refining, gas treating and pollution abatement for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He now focuses on the early-phase design, evaluation and troubleshooting of process technologies for client companies in a variety of industry segments. Mr. Mamrosh holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

Alternatives to flare gas recovery for sour refinery flare gas

Trimeric Corp.: McIntush, K.  |  Mamrosh, D. L.  |  Jones, R. A.  |  Beitler, C. M.

For many sour gas streams present in a flare header, less expensive options than flare gas recovery may exist. The compressors, liquids management, downstream treating and other systems required for flare gas recovery (FGR) can be expensive to install and/or operate reliably. Some refineries allow the flaring of sweet gases.

Consider improved scrubbing designs for acid gases

Trimeric Corp.: Beitler, C. M.  |  Fisher, K.  |  Mamrosh, D. L.
Montana Refining Co.: Stem, S.

Better application of process chemistry enables efficient sulfur abatement

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