Barsamian, A.

Refinery Automation Institute, LLC, Morristown, New Jersey

Ara Barsamian is the President of Refinery Automation Institute (RAI) LLC. He has more than 45 years of experience in gasoline, diesel and biofuels blending operations and technology. Earlier in his career, he was a group head with Exxon Research and Engineering Co., President of 3X Corp., and Vice-President of ABB Simcon, all in the area of fuels blending. Mr. Barsamian holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from City University of New York in New York.

Reduce gasoline blending giveaway with inline blending and online analyzers

Curcio, E., Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

With best available technology, how much practical reduction in giveaway can be achieved, with the caveat that there is no such thing as “zero error” in value measurements? Also, can those numbers change if inline blending is used? This article seeks to answer both questions.

IMO 2020 stability and compatibility headaches

Curcio, E., Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

The year 2020 will be a mess from the fuel oil stability and compatibility points of view. The year will be price-driven, so the temptation to “cut corners” is great—meaning that a highly variable number of blend components to manufacture the fuel oil will open a “Pandora’s box” of complex and questionable fuel formulations.

Environment: Everything you want to know about IMO 2020 but are afraid to ask

Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

IMO 2020 is posing big questions about significant issues, and clear answers are proving difficult to find.

Calculate gasoline RVP seasonal change giveaway economics

Barsamian, A., Curcio, E., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

Despite high demand and depressed refining margins, the US is in the midst of a glut of gasoline. This predicament is causing a rush to convert summer gasoline into cheaper winter gasoline, in the hope that using cheap butane and higher Reid vapor pressure (RVP) specs will increase refining profits.

Improve inline blending with advanced analyzers

Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

Due to tough economic conditions, refiners are pressed to improve profitability. There is greater pressure to optimize gasoline and diesel blending. What are the options to improve processing of trans..

Optimize fuels blending with advanced online analyzers

Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

Here are the advantages and disadvantages from this technology

Get the most out of your NIR analyzers

Barsamian, A., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

Follow these application, selection and installation guidelines