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How to have a successful data reconciliation software implementation

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.
Inlibra Software Solutions Corp.: Won, H.  |  Cho, W-S.
FertiNitro: Samad, I.

Follow these guidelines to ensure success

Quantifying the benefits of virtual plant modeling

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.  |  Lanza, C.

As with any new and significant development, plant managers may eventually wonder how they were able to effectively perform their work before this technology existed

How companies are complying with the Baker Report

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Meridium, Inc.: Whitt, R.

Consider these successful approaches that progressive businesses are implementing to ensure peak process safety performance

Plan to improve plant reliability

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.
Meridium, Inc.: DeFalco, C.

Here's how to attain world-class operation that will result in large economic benefits

Quantifying the ROI of an asset performance management program

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.
Meridium, Inc.: Moran, M.

Here's how a typical refinery can obtain nearly $4 million per year in benefits

Critical situation management – avoid the pitfalls

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.
Genysm Corporation: Anderson, R. C.

Guidelines are based on over 50 projects

HPIn Processing: Why are gasoline prices so high? They're not!

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.

As I sat in my hair-cutter's chair last week, she asked me, "Why are gasoline prices so high?" Since many people in my local area know I'm involved in "making gasoline," it seems like this question is..

Expert systems aid plant operations managers

INOVx Solutions: Ayral, T.
Key Control Inc.: Glidewell, M. C.  |  Stahl, D. E.

Actual plant examples show how this technology can solve problems and improve operations

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