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Rotating Equipment

Digital: Three steps to implement a 21st-century disaster recovery plan

Allegro Development Corp.: Cox, E.

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, businesses across the US had another reminder of how unpredictable and unavoidable disasters are when they strike.

Viewpoint: Shifting safety from cost to value for oil and gas companies

Schneider Electric: Elliott, S.

In today’s business and regulatory environment, controlling a refinery or other high-hazard processing plant is increasingly demanding.

Turbomachinery: Increase rotating equipment uptime with laser shaft alignment

Nexxis: Silveira, J. D.

The cost of failing to properly align shafts or belts on rotating machinery adds up to more than the need to physically fix damaged machinery.

USB threat vector trends and implications for industrial operators

Honeywell: Knapp, E.

These are interesting times for universal serial bus (USB) security.

It’s not double trouble—it’s digital twingenuity

MAVERICK Technologies: Henn, J.

Much ink has been spilled over the concept known as the “digital twin.”

Business Trends

AVEVA: Newton, M.

The oil and gas industry is at a turning point.

Roundtable: Digital transformation in oil and gas: Is the hype justified and is the industry going far enough?

Petrotechnics: Lehmann, S.
Reliance Industries Ltd.: Malladi, M.
Airswift: Marx, J.
McKinsey Energy Insights: Ward, R.

Digital transformation in oil and gas: Is the hype justified and is the industry going far enough?

Viewpoint—Industry 4.0: Demystifying the next big thing in oil and gas

PAS Global: Habibi, E.

Until a few years ago, the term Industrial Revolution referred to the significant technological changes that began in the late 1700s with the advent of the steam engine, leading to the mechanization of work and the unprecedented economic growth and prosperity that followed.

Refining—The evolving base oil industry: The Group 1 shift

ExxonMobil: Walko, T.

In April, ExxonMobil launched its 2018 Basestocks Industry Pulse Report. Supported by survey responses from 300 base oil decision makers around the world, the report reveals their own perspectives into the key market trends and industry drivers in the base oils business.

Understand API and ASME standards to prevent oversizing PSVs

Anvil Corporation: Taylor, B.

If you have ever sized or selected a pressure safety relief valve (PSV) using vendor sizing programs or hand calculations, you have probably run into a strange anomaly.