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Digital Feature: The perfect match: How to evaluate chemical resistance and fluid compatibility of materials

Matching the right elastomer to an application is key to ensuring an o-ring's optimal performance and mitigating premature failure.

Refineries’ pandemic turmoil—KNPC’s gasoline demand: Opportunities and challenges

Kuwait National Petroleum Co.: Matar, M. B.  |  Alqallaf, D. A.  |  Alesmail, I.  |  Al-Mutairi, F.

The COVID-19 pandemic is regarded as one of the most exceedingly difficult challenges faced in the oil and gas industry's history.

Digital Technologies: A sustainable approach for digitalizing the petrochemical industry

Pharos University: Ezzat, A. A.

In the petrochemical industry, business leaders are continuing to push for new approaches to optimize technology applications without disrupting their operational targets and key performance indicators.

Reimagining reliability analytics

The hypothesis that diversity among teams increases effectiveness is well-researched and published.<sup>1</sup>

Business Trends: The journey to sustainable profitability: How to benchmark the efficiency of your investment

Honeywell UOP: Couch, K.  |  Griffiths, M.  |  Ritchie, J.  |  Srivastava, P.

Because it provides the energy and materials required for global development, the refining industry is critical to the world economy.

Lummus Technology announces partnership with Texplore to license HDPE technology

Lummus Technology and Texplore Co., Ltd. announced a commercial cooperation agreement to license and market EXCENE, Texplore's high-density polyethylene technology.

Oerlikon orders fall as soft China demand hits polymers

Swiss industrial group OC Oerlikon said its orders fell nearly 14% in the first quarter, as weak filament demand in China led to postponements at its polymer business.

From crude oil to light olefins: Development and industrial application of the next-generation catalyst for catalytic pyrolysis process

SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing: Sha, Y.  |  Wang, P.  |  Zhou, X.  |  Zhu, G.  |  Lu, W.  |  Ouyang, Y.  |  Song, H.  |  Lin, W.  |  Luo, Y.

Light olefins, particularly ethylene and propylene, are the most crucial building blocks for the petrochemical industry.

Sinopec's SBC project with 170,000 TPY production capacity goes into operation

Hainan Baling Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. has launched production of its styrene-butadiene copolymer project in Hainan, China, which will reach an annual production capacity of 170,000 tons.

Lummus' Novolen technology expands portfolio for enhancing recycled polymers

Lummus Technology announced the addition of Novolen Enhance performance polypropylene polymers, a family of products that enhance the properties of recycled polymers.