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Celanese to build vinyl acetate ethylene emulsions unit in Southeast Asia

“This proposed expansion will support our global and regional growth strategy to expand our reach into the markets of Southeast Asia,” said Mark Murray, GM of the Celanese emulsion polymers business.

IRPC 2014: Defining the course of the global HPI

Gulf Publishing Company: Smith, M.

Leading hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) executives and technical experts will come together June 24–26 in Verona, Italy, to share ideas, innovation and vision for the global downstream indu..

HP Industry Perspectives: Reflections from a petrochemical giant

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Frank Popoff, retired chairman and CEO of the Dow Chemical Co., shared his insight on the petrochemical industry at the AFPM’s 2014 International Petrochemical Conference (IPC). With a career spa..

Celanese expands compounding capacity at China chemical complex

The Fortron PPS compounding expansion is part of the Celanese growth strategy to directly serve our customers in China and the broader Asia region, which is currently showing growth.

Improve the cracking of ethylene dichloride

Linde Engineering North America, Inc.: Shahani, G.  |  Ma, D.

The discovery and exploitation of shale gas in North America is providing a boost to the domestic petrochemical industry. In particular, commodity petrochemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are e..

Improve thermodynamic equilibrium among light olefins in FCC operations

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Jaguste, S. D.  |  Jain, B.

Worldwide propylene demand is strongly increasing. About 28% of the global propylene supply comes from refinery fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units. The light olefins have relative selectivity due to..

HP Editorial Comment: What is the future for hydrocarbons and their prices?

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Have we reached peak oil, again? No; the naysayers have predicted peak oil five times already, and innovative technologies continue to overcome previous barriers and to find new methods of developing ..

HP Global: Shale revolution will help US chemical industry soar to new heights

American Chemistry Council: Swift, T. K.

Global manufacturing entered a soft period in 2012, with particular weakness in Europe and East Asia. The manufacturing sector represents the primary customer base for chemistry. The global industrial..

HP Petrochemicals: Coal re-emerges as a primary petrochemical feedstock

Nexant Consulting: Velson, J.

Coal-to-chemicals routes are now an important and viable option for producers in China and beyond. Those that look upon them as atavistic dinosaurs do so at their peril.

HP Viewpoint: Ethylene production growth drives new global industry standards

Technip: Laugier, J. P.

Operators that understand global market drivers and the latest technologies will provide the best solutions to improve their profitability and comply with the latest HSE rules.