Innovative APC boosts LNG train production

Taylor, A., Apex Optimisation; Jamaludin, S., Woodside

APC application yields significant operability, economic benefits

HP Viewpoint: Opportunities of abundance: How shale gas changes the energy landscape

Banaszak, S., America’s Natural Gas Alliance

Today’s reality is that the US has enough natural gas to meet growing demand, allowing the country to focus on domestic uses and export possibilities.

HP Viewpoint: Cautious optimism for growth seen in US natural gas market

Kelly, E., Wood Mackenzie

With the advantages of a large resource base, relatively reasonable costs, and environmental pressures on competing fuels, such optimism is justified. However, the industry’s hopes are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.

HP Viewpoint: LNG’s future: Branching out

Walther, S. T., Mustang Engineering Inc.

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry is mature and poised to branch out in many new directions in the coming decades as it continues to grow in capacity.

HPI Market Data 2012 Executive Summary

THE NEXT STEPThe economic recovery continues for the global hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). Energy drives economic growth. Unfortunately for developed nations, stronger economic recovery remain..

Meeting diesel specifications at sustained production

Singh, D., Shedded Uhde Pty Ltd.

New approach rethinks operations of crude and vacuum distillation units to recover more distillate

Global demand for catalysts to exceed $17 billion in 2014

World demand for chemical synthesis, petroleum refining and polymerization catalysts will rise 6%/yr to $17.2 billion in 2014, reflecting a combination of healthy volume and price growth from a weak 2..

Rare earth dilemma forces catalyst changes

The success from catalysts depends on its structure and composition. Tremendous research has been devoted in fine-tuning the melding of structure and raw material makeup to provide efficient catalyst ..

Slurry-phase hydrocracking—possible solution to refining margins

Opportunity crudes require more hydrogen addition to upgrade orphan product streams into higher-value ‘clean’ products

Convert bottom-of-the-barrel into diesel and light olefins

Sieli, G., Rama Rao, M., Soni, D., Lummus Technology; Bhattacharyya, D., Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.

Integrating residue hydrocracking operations with advanced fluid catalytic cracking optimizes upgrading of heavy crude oils