HP Reliability: TAMU Turbo and Pump symposiums still leading

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Beginning in 1971, the Turbomachinery Laboratory of Texas A&M University (TAMU) organized the first of now 41 consecutive annual turbomachinery symposiums, now known as the TAMU Turbo. In 1984, Texas ..

Siemens to cut jobs in German energy sector, cites weak compressor orders

Siemens said last week that it expects the company's energy business to account for more than half of its announced goal of cutting $7.8 billion in costs by 2014. Siemens will adjust capacities at its manufacturing of turbo compressors due to weak order intake at the oil and gas division.

Consider coal gasification for liquid fuels production

Due to faster depleting natural gas reserves and more abundant coal reserves, coal gasification and CTL are solutions to produce liquid fuels over the long term.

Reliability and maintenance: The path to world-class performance

Poling, A., HSB Solomon Associates LLC

HPI companies in a progressive culture strive for failure-free operations with defect elimination and uninterrupted operation.

HP Reliability: Upgrade the design of vertical, multistage centrifugal pumps in low-temperature services

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The overall mechanical design of most API-style vertical-column pumps (Fig. 1) comes close to meeting the expectations of modern pump users. Such pumps are often equipped with self oil-lubricated bear..

HP Reliability: Closed-oil-mist systems and maintenance cost avoidance

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A recent Hydrocarbon Processing (HP) article conveyed an industry finding that dates back several decades: Oil mist successfully lubricates operating machinery, protects and preserves standby equipmen..

HP Integration Strategies: The energy water nexus

Miller, Paul, ARC Advisory Group

Whether or not you subscribe to the global warming and “peak oil” arguments, it is clear to almost everyone in the industrial world that “business as usual” is not sustainable inde..

HP Engineering Case Histories: Case 71: Statistical visual data can be useful in troubleshooting—Part 1

Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

I’ve spent many years troubleshooting equipment, along with investigative research. In research-statistical design, data analysis is frequently used when test information is available. This artic..

Petronas picks GE compressor technology for first Asia floating LNG project

GE was awarded the contract primarily on the basis of its technology as well as its experience in the LNG and offshore sectors, it said. The order is also based on GE’s global frame agreement with Petronas.

HP Engineering Case Histories: Case 70: Twenty rules for troubleshooting

Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

In previous Engineering Case History columns, I have discussed checklists and their value in avoiding errors during startups. While the rules cannot replace common sense or a logical and methodical ap..