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February 2012


Special Report: Clean Fuels

Debottleneck crude-unit preheat exchanger network inefficiencies
Saudi Aramco: Al-Zahrani, S.  |  Bright, E.  |  Roy, S.

Simulation models can be effectively used to optimize heat transfer and boost operational performance

Consider total value when optimizing catalytic cracking units
BASF Corp.: Ismail, S.

Low rare-earth catalysts balance activity and selectivity against cost

Increase energy efficiency for your refinery
KBC Process Technology Ltd.: Milosevic, Z.

Behavioral and organization changes are often needed to effectively maximize operating profits

Use advanced catalysts to improve xylenes isomerization
Sinopec Zhenhai Refinery & Chemical Co.: Shouquan, G.
Zeolyst International: Chua, J.

This refiner wanted to increase ethylbenzene conversion while limiting aromatics losses

Improve diesel quality through advanced hydroprocessing
Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals: Peng, C.  |  Huang, X.  |  Liu, T.  |  Zeng, R.  |  Liu, J.  |  Guan, M.

New upgrading technologies help meet fuel quality specifications

Fluid Flow

Eliminate cavitation in your piping systems

New pressure control devices improve fluid flow


HP Viewpoint: The high cost of overregulation
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM): Drevna, Charles T.

The US does not need to choose between healthy environment and healthy economy when it can have both.

HP Viewpoint: The promise and reality of energy independence
Citizens for Affordable Energy: Hofmeister, J.

The governance of energy by our federal government is broken, dysfunctional and unfixable in its current form, according to the author.

HP Viewpoint: Transportation and alternative fuels in Asia
Asian Clean Fuels Association: Woo, C.

The region is facing tremendous pressure to develop a radically different energy and power mix.

HP Viewpoint: Clean fuel challenges for refiners

Operating companies are looking to new technology and innovation to provide practical solutions for meeting market demands and creating shareholder value.

HP Control: How difficult is it to control absorber columns?
Petrocontrol: Friedman, Y. Z.

The absorber-stripper configuration is common for gas plants. If we are to apply advanced process control (APC) systems on a gas plant, it better to address the control problem—maximizing recover..

HP Insight: Government, environment and taxes, oh my!

In this issue of HPInsight, the global hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) still battles some very familiar and present day challenges, such as economic cycles, feedstock spikes, government over reg..

HP Integration Strategies: Standards needed for laboratory system integration
ARC Advisory Group: Hollywood, Paula

Industries across the board are coping with relentless pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving product quality. The hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) has an additional challenge in..

HP Reliability: Selecting steam turbines in a ‘lean’ environment
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

We received a nice compliment recently from a reader in South America. He wrote: “I am a mechanical engineer working on power plant designs at a major corporation and admire your work as a writer..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Accelerating energy innovationA three-year study by a team of researchers based at MIT has now identified a suite of policy and investment strategies that could accelerate innovation in the US, helpin..

HP Construction: North America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Sundrop Fuels, Inc., plans to construct and operate its first production facility on about 1,200 acres of land that it has purchased near Alexandria, Louisiana. The inaugural plant will use sustainabl..

HP Construction: South America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Toyo Engineering Corp., in consortium with Y&V Ingeniería y Construcción, C.A., has a project management consultant (PMC) contract for the heavy-oil upgrading project of Petróleos de Ve..

HP Construction: Europe
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Lummus Technology, a CB&I company, has been awarded a contract by CJSC Vostochnaya Neftechimicheskaya (VNHK), a subsidiary of OJSC Rosneft, for the license and basic engineering of a naphtha steam-cra..

HP Construction: Middle East
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

The State of Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry, Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, and Shell’s CEO, Peter Voser, have signed an agreement to develop a world-scale petrochemicals complex i..

HP Construction: Asia-Pacific
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

The Linde Group is set to build and operate a new hydrogen plant in the Jilin Chemical Industrial Park (JCIP) in northeast China. The company will be investing around €42 million in the first pha..

HP Impact: Bio-based polymers could be next big thing
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Biofuels and bio-based chemicals have been promoted as a potential solution for dependence on petroleum. They also have favorable greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels and petrochemicals b..

HP Impact: European pipeline performance
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

European oil industry group CONCAWE has collected 40 years of spillage data on European cross-country oil pipelines with particular regard to spillages volume, cleanup and recovery, environmental cons..

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

AESSEAL wins big at IMechE awards   Fig. 1. Award-winning   AESSEAL offers a wide range   of products. The UK-based mechanical seals manufacturer was nominated for seven out o..

Free Literature

Site aids rupture-disc selection process Oseco’s redesigned website helps both new and experienced users of rupture discs and explosion vents to select the right products for their needs. Th..

New Developments

New line of welded pipe and tube products Penn Stainless Products’ new Specialty Pipe and Tube Division now offers nonstandard welded tubular items in stainless, duplex, nickel, 6-moly and c..