Babakr, A.

SABIC R&T, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Investigation: Failure of a steam generator

Babakr, A., Bairamov, A., SABIC R&T

In case history, engineers search for root cause of water-side tube failures for a 23-year-old boiler

Flow-induced fatigue failure

Case histories describe a variety of failures and solutions

Failure analysis of above-ground storage tank bottom plates

Here are the field performance assessments and remedial measures

Effect of process deposits on the corrosion behavior of titanium in brine

Babakr, A., SABIC R&T; Al Beed, A. A., Saudi Petrochemical Company; Al-Sonidah, M., Al-Subai, S., Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

The temperature and pH need to be controlled to avoid problems

Failure analysis of a primary reformer riser

Babakr, A., SABIC R&T; Al-Meshari, A., Al-Rabie, M., Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

Investigation revealed the root cause was creep rupture

Top of line corrosion in industrial wastewater pipelines

Babakr, A., Bairamov, A., SABIC R&T

Here are the causes and the solution