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Reddy, J. K.

Reliance Industries Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Krishna Reddy Jakkidi is a Lead Research Scientist in the department of Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis Research and Development at Reliance Industries Ltd. in Vadodara and Mumbai, India. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. He has 17 yr of research experience in heterogeneous catalysis, with a main focus on the design and development of zeolite and metal oxide-based catalysts for hydrocarbon transformations. Dr. Reddy also has experience in scale-up and commercialization of catalysts and processes. He has published 20 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and has been granted 10 patents.

Development and commercialization of an olefins removal catalytic technology

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Mantri, K.  |  Reddy, J. K.  |  Sidhpuria, K. B.  |  Jasra, R. V.  |  Sapre, A. V.

Aromatics—specifically, benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX)—are the basic building blocks for most petrochemical derivatives and commodities chemicals.

Root cause analysis for low yield of p-diethylbenzene produced by catalytic alkylation

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Reddy, J. K.  |  Warke, V.  |  Jasra, R. V.  |  Mantri, K.

Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) manufactures para-diethylbenzene (PDEB) at one of its plants by alkylation of ethylbenzene (EB) with ethylene, using RIL's own technology and super-selective catalyst.

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