Dolan, G. A.

Methanol Institute, Washington, DC

HP Viewpoint: Methanol takes on LNG for future marine fuels

Dolan, G. A., Methanol Institute

As the lifecycle economics of using MeOH compared with other emission compliance options become more evident, we will see the tide rising on the use of MeOH as a marine engine fuel.

HP Viewpoint: Methanol: The other transportation fuel

Dolan, G. A., Methanol Institute

In the US Congress, the Open Fuel Standard Act was introduced to direct automakers to have half of all new cars by the 2017 model year capable of operating on something other than gasoline, with model..

In search of the perfect clean-fuel options

Dolan, G. A., Methanol Institute

Leaders of the global automotive industry often refer to fuel-cellvehicles as the "Holy Grail" of propulsion technology. Thepetrochemical industry's quest is finding a hydrogen-carrier fuelto fill thi..