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Hartmann, J.C.M.

Consultant, De Koog, The Netherlands

Use techno-economic benchmark to review supply-chain models

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

Value profile of crude and high vacuum unit fractions is the key for crude selection and, thus, refinery profitability

Case history: Revisit fundamentals for blending rules

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

Refiners use models to optimize operations, but are these models totally accurate?

Why is it so difficult to combine experience and theory in business decisions?

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

Investigate the root cause for conflict between expectations and the modeling system

HP Insight: Planning models for joint venture refineries function as a contract

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

In a joint venture (JV) refinery, the shareholders supply crudes of their choice and share the operating cost of processing those crudes into final products. In return, the shareholder..

HP Control: Judging model validity

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

Apparently it is extremely difficult to change the belief of peoplewho have emotionally invested into a position. This is caused bythe complexity of interactions between belief and interest: Somepeopl..

Balance hydrogen consumption

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

Atomic, molar and energy-based models can improve refinery operation

HP Insight: Synchronizing people and tools

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

"Supply chain management" considers optimizing refinery operations, which includes supply and distribution. The diversity of upgrading and treating units, and the variety of processed products has sig..

Determine the optimum crude intake level - a case history

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

When using LP models, users must be fully aware of what data is important and discard the rest

Distinguish between scheduling and planning models

Consultant: Hartmann, J.C.M.

To use one model for both purposes is inefficient and will give insufficient information for both aspects

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