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Amutha, R.

Chennai Petroleum Corp. Ltd., Chennai, India

R. Amutha is working as Assistant Manager in the Process Engineering department at CPCL’s Manali Refinery. She has more than 6 yr of experience in lube production facilities, including solvent extraction, solvent dewaxing and solvent deoiling units. She has handled several operational and energy improvement activities in the lube complex at CPCL.

Modified revamp process to reduce energy use in an SDA unit

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum: Kumar, S.  |  Nanoti, S. M.  |  Garg, M. O.
Chennai Petroleum Corp. Ltd.: Amutha, R.  |  Nandagopalu, N. V. N.

Solvent deasphalting (SDA) is emerging as a low-cost, bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading process to recover valuable oil from short residue. This oil can either be further processed to make lube-oil-based stocks or cracked in secondary processing units.

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