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Blundell, R.

Carmagen Engineering, Inc., Rockaway, New Jersey

Robert Blundell was a mid-level manager with ExxonMobil, with more than 35 yr of experience in marine terminal and tank farm operations, before retiring in 2013. He was the Marine Terminal Manager at the Baytown refinery, and served as the Chairman of the ExxonMobil North American Marine Terminal Managers Committee for 8 yr. He has conducted dozens of marine terminal, midstream, refinery and chemical plant assessments around the world, and is a certified Assessor for the API Process Safety Site Assessment Program. He now serves as a Senior Advisor with Carmagen Engineering Inc.

Better practices for tank overfill prevention

Carmagen Engineering, Inc.: Blundell, R.

The 2005 Buncefield and 2009 CAPECO terminal explosions are two of the most significant storage tank incidents in history.

Could your facility benefit from a marine terminal assessment?

Carmagen Engineering, Inc.: Blundell, R.

How sure would a terminal manager at a distribution terminal, or a line manager at a refinery or a chemical plant that has marine loading and unloading docks, be that those docks are being operated at a level that ensures long-term safe performance?

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