Gas to liquids (GTL)

Shell starts two-month turnaround at Pearl GTL

One train, representing half the facility, has recently begun a planned ‘turnaround’ maintenance program, which will continue for a period of some two months.

Linde Process Plants completes first natural gas symposium

The program was a comprehensive forum to explore information on various NGL and LNG industry practices, technologies, market and regulatory developments and more.

US economics of GTL chemicals trump fuels: EIA

Speaking at the Monetizing C1 Methane Feedstocks Summit 2015, Vishakh Mantri outlined the pros and cons of GTL processes aimed at both fuels and chemicals.

Greyrock, Nerd Gas to partner on GTL units in US

Through an affiliate, US GTL, the companies are working to ensure that GTL facilities can utilize Wyoming natural gas and produce clean transportation fuels for local consumption.

Shell opens new GTL base oil hub near Dubai

This new facility in Jebel Ali is Shell’s fourth GTL base oil storage hub alongside its existing hubs located in Houston, Texas; Hamburg, Germany; and Hong Kong.

Amec Foster Wheeler wins work on new Texas syngas-to-liquids project

The scope of work includes engineering design and definition work utilizing key process technology and equipment suppliers, as well as execution planning activities for the facility that will use biomass gasification and West Texas shale gas to feed a Fischer Tropsch unit to produce jet fuel.

HP Editorial Comment: Alternative energy?

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Alternative energy is a point-of-reference term. Natural gas is an alternative energy resource for transportation fuels. As more natural gas resources are developed, natural gas is displacing coal as ..

HP Industry Perspectives: Keystone XL: It is time to move forward, Mr. President

In a media call, the American Petroleum Institute (API) president and CEO Jack Gerard emphasized that it is time for the Keystone XL pipeline to move forward, and he requested urgent action by Preside..

US petroleum demand surges to seven-year high

According to API’s November monthly statistics report, total US petroleum deliveries increased 1.9% from November 2013 to average 19.9 MMbpd, the highest level for the month in seven years.

Editors’/Readers’ Choice 2014

Romanow, Stephany, DuBose, Ben, Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

According to Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database, over $1.143 trillion in announced global projects are at various stages of development. Using the Boxscore Database, HP editors identified 12 projects that will have the highest impact to the global or regional downstream industry. HP readers voted online to select the top project in each category.