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DHL Express and Standard Chartered partner to co-invest in SAF

DHL Express has signed a strategic partnership with Standard Chartered for DHL Express's GoGreen Plus service in which the two organizations have agreed to co-invest in SAF.

ABEL Energy accelerates Townsville green methanol for Singapore MPA's shipping fuel

ABEL Energy completed the Singapore Port MPA tender for the supply of green methanol and was pleased to hear the recent news from Hon PM Albanese that a green and digital shipping corridor is being established, which will help decarbonize and digitalize shipping routes between Singapore and Australia.  

New ASEAN Energy and ACTUAL sign cooperation agreement to develop net-zero plan for the new $5-B Pengerang Energy Complex

New ASEAN Energy and ACTUAL have formed an agreement, leveraging ACTUAL’s AI-driven capital planning technology to develop a comprehensive net-zero emissions strategy for The Pengerang Energy Complex.

TES partners with 7 large international companies to create a global e-NG coalition

TES has entered into an MOU with other large international companies to sponsor the creation of a global coalition, the e-NG Coalition, which is exclusively dedicated to electric natural gas (e-NG or e-natural gas), also referred to as e-methane.

The Fly Up: Heathrow launches renewable biofuel breakfast

A first of its kind breakfast at Heathrow, named The Fly Up, which is cooked with oil that is then cleaned and recycled into renewable biofuels, has taken off.

First carbon capture pilot rig delivered by Compact Membrane Systems

Compact Membrane Systems announced that it has delivered a carbon capture pilot rig to OMV, a leading petrochemical company in Austria.

Brazil's 2024 ethanol exports seen strong, helped by corn ethanol

Brazil has the potential to maintain exports of ethanol at strong levels in 2024, after last year posting the highest volumes since 2020 due to an increase in corn ethanol supply.

Successful demonstration in Dunkirk of the CO2 capture DMX process

Operational since April 2023 on ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk site, the industrial pilot for the capture of CO2 present in blast furnace gases has delivered promising results.

Sasol and Topsoe launch Zaffra: A new venture to help decarbonize aviation

Sasol, a global chemicals and energy company, and Topsoe, a leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, announced the successful launch of their joint venture, Zaffra.

Shell publishes Energy Transition Strategy 2024

Shell has published its first energy transition update since the launch of its Powering Progress strategy in 2021 and with this energy transition update, Shell is focusing on how the same strategy delivers “less emissions”.