Carbon Management

API statement on House passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

"While the Inflation Reduction Act takes important steps toward new oil and gas leasing and investments in carbon capture and storage, it falls well short of addressing America’s long-term energy needs and further discourages needed investment in oil and gas..."

The downstream rundown: In case you missed it 08/12

In case you missed any downstream news, here are the top stories from last week.

U.S. fuel retailers rail against green aviation fuel tax credit

U.S. fuel retailers are fighting the inclusion of a tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Democrats' $430-B spending bill, arguing SAF is more carbon intense and less efficient than renewable diesel.

Viewpoint: The pathway towards autonomy: How process automation is building the future plant

Urso, J., Honeywell Process Solutions

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Jason Urso (JU), Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Process Solutions, to discuss the current state of the process automation industry, how new technologies are enhancing efficiency and safety, and what the future holds for automation.

Electric drive LNG can grow with the clean energy transition

Ellrich, J., Black & Veatch

As companies across markets set aggressive decarbonization goals and sustainability commitments to align with changing regulations and consumer demands for greener energy and fuel, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry is searching for ways to lower emissions.

History of the HPI: The 1990s: Clean fuels and emissions mitigation, M&A, GTL and the fieldbus wars

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Much like several initiatives passed in the 1970s and 1980s, the 1990s were a decade heavily focused on environmental issues, with many new regulations being enacted to not only mitigate industrial and vehicle emissions but also to advance the production of clean fuels globally.

The downstream rundown: In case you missed it 08/05

In case you missed any downstream news, here are the top stories from last week.

Hydrocarbon Processing announces finalists for the 2022 Awards Program

The HP Awards celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year.

Wood appointed owner’s engineer for Strike’s fertilizer plant in Western Australia

Wood has been appointed as owner’s engineer for the delivery of Project Haber, Strike Energy’s $3 B 1.4 MMtpy urea fertilizer production facility to be built in Western Australia.

Neste and HELLENIC PETROLEUM to supply sustainable aviation fuel in Greece and to Aegean Airlines

The agreement is in line with HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group’s strategic goal to become a provider of low-carbon energy solutions and to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.