Gelder, A.

Wood Mackenzie,

Refining: Winning strategies for oil producers

Gelder, A., Wood Mackenzie

The prospect of peak oil demand will put pressure on resource-rich national oil companies (NOCs).

HP Global: 2015 outlook for oil price and its refining sector implications

Gelder, A., Wood Mackenzie

What is the oil price outlook for the next 12 months? As of early January, the price of Brent has effectively halved compared to the 2014 summer peak, similar to the price collapse of 2008. However, u..

HP Global: European refining—Cornered, with no way out?

Gelder, A., Wood Mackenzie

2013 was a dismal year for European refining in terms of record low crude runs, which reflect weaked demand outlook and increasing competition from other regions. Out to 2020, we envisage European ref..