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Bescansa, M

W. R. Grace, Spain

María Bescansa Leirós is a Technical Sales Manager for Grace FCC and ART Hydroprocessing, covering Spain, Portugal and parts of Romania within Grace’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region. She has 19 yr of experience in the refining industry, previously working at the Repsol La Coruña refinery in northwest Spain. Leirós has held various roles within Repsol, most recently in the FCC area, but always related to catalytic processes. She led the team that developed the first ISO 50001 awarded to a refinery. In Spain, she earned an MS degree in chemical engineering from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, along with an MBA degree from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.

Decarbonize the FCCU through maximizing low-carbon propylene

Cepsa R&D: Pérez, E.  |  Prieto, C.
Cepsa, Gibraltar Refinery: Moreno, J. A.  |  Tenorio, J.  |  Chavarría, A.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.  |  Brandt, S.  |  Franken, J.

As the global energy system continues to be threatened by geopolitical tensions, the refining industry continues to demonstrate an outstanding capacity for adaptation.

Defossilizing the FCCU via co-processing of biogenic feedstock: From laboratory to commercial scale

bp Energía España Castellón refinery: Fernández, A.  |  Mena, A.  |  Rivas, C.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.

Oil demand is expected to reach record highs this year1 after a sharp rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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