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Mena, A.

bp Energía España Castellón refinery, Castellón, Spain

Apolo Mena is a Production Engineer for bp. He works as a Production Engineer in the conversion area of the Castellón refinery. His career began in 2001 as a Field Operator, and he became a Conversion Supervisor 8 yr later. From 2019–2022, Mena was a Shift Superintendent.

Defossilizing the FCCU via co-processing of biogenic feedstock: From laboratory to commercial scale

bp Energía España Castellón refinery: Fernández, A.  |  Mena, A.  |  Rivas, C.
W. R. Grace: Bescansa, M  |  González, R.

Oil demand is expected to reach record highs this year1 after a sharp rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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