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Orman, S.

Tüpraş, İzmit, Turkey

SULTAN ORMAN is a Process Superintendent at Tüpraş headquarters, responsible for hydrogen production units. She has experience in building a management information system to monitor the performances of refining process units. She holds MS and BS degrees in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University and an MBA degree from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Processing hydrogen-rich gas in a PSA unit

Tüpraş: Iner, C.  |  Dağ, E.  |  Bilgi, M. Z.  |  Sayan, H.  |  Uzun, S.  |  Orman, S.

At Tüpraş’ Kırıkkale refinery, adsorbents in pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) units must be reloaded due to the low hydrogen (H2) recovery and low capacity factor of such units.

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