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Letzsch, W.

The Shaw Group, Houston, Texas

Innovation drives new catalyst developments

The Shaw Group: Letzsch, W.

Future challenges in environment and product specifications involve more sophisticated catalyst systems

Improve catalytic cracking to produce clean fuels

The Shaw Group: Letzsch, W.

Update the cracker heat balance to minimize coke make

Increase light olefins production

Stone & Webster Inc., A Shaw Goup Co.: Dharia, D.  |  Kim, H.  |  McCue, D.
The Shaw Group: Letzsch, W.
Stone & Webster, Inc.: Chapin, L.

New methods based on proven FCC technology provide additional olefins source

Revitalize stripping operations with structured packing

The Shaw Group: Letzsch, W.

Poor stripper performance of FCC spent catalyst burns up products and profits. New retrofit methods cut operating cost and increase product yields

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