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Roy, S.

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Decrease tube metal temperature in vacuum heaters

Saudi Aramco: Bright, E.  |  Roy, S.  |  Ramaseshan, V.

Various options for reducing the TMT of a vacuum heater, such as changing the transfer line size and adding extra surface area in the radiation and convection sections, are examined here. The best option generally depends on the limitations under which the heater operates with regard to the process requirements and the downstream equipment limitations and flexibility.

Evaluate challenges in meeting clean-fuel specifications with heavier crude

Saudi Aramco: Al-Zahrani, S.  |  Bright, E.  |  Roy, S.

At a Saudi Aramco refinery, a revamp was planned for processing a different crude oil blend to meet Euro 5 diesel and gasoline specifications. The refinery, which processes semi-light crude oil, is sc..

Debottleneck crude-unit preheat exchanger network inefficiencies

Saudi Aramco: Al-Zahrani, S.  |  Bright, E.  |  Roy, S.

Simulation models can be effectively used to optimize heat transfer and boost operational performance

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