Al-Zahrani, S.

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Evaluate challenges in meeting clean-fuel specifications with heavier crude

At a Saudi Aramco refinery, a revamp was planned for processing a different crude oil blend to meet Euro 5 diesel and gasoline specifications. The refinery, which processes semi-light crude oil, is sc..

Debottleneck crude-unit preheat exchanger network inefficiencies

Simulation models can be effectively used to optimize heat transfer and boost operational performance

Troubleshooting waste-heat boiler poor heat transfer

Yeh, G. J., Al-Babtain, I., Al-Zahrani, S., Saudi Aramco; Al-Ghanemi, N., PetroRabigh

Analytical results showed that potash leached from the catalyst, refractory powder, corrosion products and, to a lesser extent, catalyst fines resulted in tube fouling