Adams, D. J.

Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions, Wiesbaden, Germany

Accurate feedstock selection and planning are critical to profitability

Adams, D. J., Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions; Funahashi, K., Kobayashi, H., Maruzen Petrochemical; Saiki, K., Suzuki, M., Yamatake

Linear programming plays a vital role for ethylene producer

How to efficiently plan a grassroots refinery

Adams, D. J., Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions; Cadenhouse-Beaty, P. J., Cadchem (Pty) Ltd.; Eberhardt, J., Maiti, S. N., Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie; Kundu, S., Lurgi India Co., Ltd.

To select the best processing configuration and investment decision, this refiner used LP modeling, plant cost estimation and IRR analysis to find the optimum solution