Gresh, M. T.

Flexware, Inc., Grapeville, Pennsylvania

is president of Flexware Inc. in Grapeville, Pennsylvania. He has been involved in the design of high-efficiency centrifugal compressor staging, field-testing of compressors and steam turbines, and troubleshooting field performance problems for over 40 years. While most of this time was with Elliott Co., he is presently with Flexware Inc., a company focused on turbomachinery engineering consulting services, training seminars and software for turbomachinery performance analysis. Mr. Gresh received a BS degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has published a book on compressor performance, and holds several patents related to turbomachinery. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Pennsylvania.

Consider new labyrinth seals to optimize compressor operations

Gresh, M. T., Flexware, Inc.; Whalen, J. K., John Crane Engineered Bearings

Degradation of labyrinth seals in centrifugal impellers can have a significant impact on not only compressor power consumption but also on plant production rate. Upgrading to rub-tolerant seals can be..

Avoid refrigeration compressor damage

Gresh, M. T., Flexware, Inc.

Online monitoring helps prevent liquid injection and operating in choke