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Brun, K.

Elliott Group, Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Klaus Brun is the Director of Research and Development at Elliott Group, leading a group of 60+ professionals in the development of turbomachinery and related systems for the energy industry. He holds nine patents, has authored more than 350 papers, and is the editor of three textbooks on energy systems and turbomachinery. In the past, Dr. Brun has held positions in product development and management, engineering and executive management at Southwest Research Institute, Solar Turbines, General Electric and Alstom.

Advanced compressor control and monitoring systems

Elliott Group: Brun, K.  |  Omatick, T.
Tri-Sen Turbomachinery Controls: Jacoby, J.

Modern advanced control and monitoring systems for centrifugal compressors support compression plant operation at the highest possible efficiency, availability and reliability.

CO2 compressor technology for a decarbonized energy economy

Elliott Group: Brun, K.

Due to the potential of hydrogen in the context of developing a decarbonized energy infrastructure, technologies for efficiently producing, transporting, storing and utilizing it have attracted significant investment.

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