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Meng, X.

China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China

Xianghai Meng is a Professor of chemical engineering at the China University of Petroleum in Beijing. His research interests include petroleum processing and clean fuels production. Dr. Meng is a co-inventor of Ionikylation technology and is responsible for reactions and process modeling. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the China University of Petroleum in Beijing.

Composite ionic liquid alkylation technology gives high product yield and selectivity

China University of Petroleum: Liu, Z.  |  Zhang, R.  |  Meng, X.  |  Liu, H.  |  Xu, C.
Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhang, X.
Well Resources Inc.: Chung, W.

Global sentiment has been moving toward a call to develop innovative technologies that address environmental preservation and limit the use of hazardous materials.

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