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Kauders, P.

CDE Projects Ltd., London, UK

Peter Kauders studied Natural Sciences and Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University and worked in the UK chemical industry before embarking on a career in engineering and construction in the exploration, gas processing, refining and petrochemical industries. In 2012, he started developing conceptual design emulation (CDE), a computer system that uses mathematics and logic to mimic the steps taken by an engineering team in process plant design. His present research interest is the barriers to undertaking preliminary engineering design directly from a process simulator.

Octane enhancement avoiding both high reformer severity and alkylation

CDE Projects Ltd.: Kauders, P.

An innovative refinery process arrangementa converts butane-rich, light paraffinic streams—preferably containing a high proportion of isobutane—into butylene by dehydrogenation.

Refinery revamp opportunities with welded plate heat exchangers

CDE Projects Ltd.: Kauders, P.
GESMEX Exchangers GmbH: Broad, R.

The plate-and-shell (P&S) heat exchanger has three significant advantages over the shell-and-tube (S&T) type traditionally used in refinery processes.

Welded plate heat exchangers cut refinery process costs—Part 2

GESMEX Exchangers GmbH: Broad, R.
CDE Projects Ltd.: Kauders, P.

Plate-and-frame (P&F) heat exchangers were first manufactured 100 yr ago for use in the dairy industry.

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