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Protecting your assets with tank lining innovation

Tank linings are the workhorses of asset protection in the Oil & Gas market. These coatings provide a critical barrier between a stored product and the tank in which it’s contained. Without them, the risk of corrosion and material degradation is high, which is why Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine offers lining solutions for nearly every asset in the Oil & Gas supply chain.

There are several factors to consider when specifying tank linings for various assets in each phase of the value stream. Performance requirements, such as temperature and chemical tolerance, and corrosion resistance, will dictate the type of tank lining needed to protect processing equipment, transportation vessels and storage tanks. Business and market conditions, such as supply, demand, resource availability and budgets, can also influence tank lining specifications.

Today, applicators and asset owners must accommodate shifting demands, limiting downtime and balancing resources to maintain profitability – all while meeting American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Selecting the right tank lining can provide long-term savings for both parties, which is why it’s important to understand the technology and development behind modern or “next-generation” linings.

Our experts look forward to helping you best protect your assets with our tank lining innovation.

Learn more:  https://industrial.sherwin-williams.com/na/us/en/protective-marine/media-center/articles/novolac-oil-gas-nova-plate-360.html?utm_source=hc-proc-news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hydrocarbon-news

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