April 2004


Special Report: Petrochemical Developments

Consider new technology to reduce development life cycles
Ashley, M., Davy Process Techonology

New concept approaches rapidly move novel products and manufacturing methods from lab-scale to full-commercial units

Optimize NOx reductions facility-wide
Wines, T. H., Pall Corp.

Practical guidelines show how to apply coalescer technology to enhance burner performance

Advanced control methods improve polymers' business cycle
Karagoz, O., Versteeg, J., SABIC Polyolefine GmbH; Mercer, M., Turner, P., Aspen Technology, Inc.

Using nonlinear technologies, major polyolefins manufacturer increases plant capacity without equipment retrofits

Metallocene polyolefins: progress and prospects
Sinclair, K. B., STA*Research

Since its inception, this catalyst system has revolutionized the plastics industry

Increase light olefins production
Dharia, D., Kim, H., McCue, D., Stone & Webster Inc., A Shaw Goup Co.; Letzsch, W., The Shaw Group; Chapin, L., Stone & Webster, Inc.

New methods based on proven FCC technology provide additional olefins source

Engineering Case Histories

Case 20: Cold startup bearing failures
Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

Excessive clearance and hard starts can cause problems


An effective method for analyzing piping vibration problems
Saha, S., Rastogi, R., Reliance Refinery; Bhattachrya, A., Bechtel India Pvt Ltd.

The matching mode shape technique combines field vibration data with natural frequency information

Project Management

Leveraging a globalized work force
Connor, T., Fluor Corp.

If managed with discipline, a workshare approach can yield significant benefits for all project stakeholders

Rotating Equipment/Reliability

Hybrid fault patterns for diagnosing gas turbine component degradation
Garcia, A. G., Kubiak, J. S., Urquiza, G. B., Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Centro de Investigacion en Ingenieria y Ciencas Aplicadas, Cuernaveca, Morelos, Mexico, and Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Gerencia de Turbomaquinaria, Temixco; Gonzalez, G. R., Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Centro de Investigacion en Ingenieria y Ciencas Aplicadas, Cuernaveca,

Faults and their locations can be identified by analyzing efficiency and vibration simultaneously

Safety Management

Improve your facility's PHA methodology
MacGregor, R., Jacobs Canada Inc.; Ego, D., Dego Management Services Ltd.

Engage, motivate and challenge your process safety team


HP Reliability: A 'hundred-plus points' to improve pump reliability, Part 2
Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Last month's column addressed items 1 ? 34. Here we present items 35 to 68. C. Lubrication issues, continued 35. On grease-lubricated couplings, verify that only approved coupling greases are use..

HP Automation Safety: Let the numbers answer the question
Goble, W., exida LLC

Many companies in the hydrocarbon processing industry are working to understand and implement the new functional safety standards. I am not sure why there is so much interest, but many say they are lo..

HP Integration Strategies: Increased performance dictates more effective plant human assets
Woll, D., ARC Advisory Group

If you are a process manufacturer and not thinking about how to get more performance out of your existing assets, you should be. In spite of the relentless focus on productivity, aggregate process pla..

HPIn Europe: Shortage of middle distillates continues despite investment
Pitt, R., European Refining & Marketing

Total SA's announced plans for heavy investment at its Normandy, France, refinery to significantly increase middle distillates production is sure to bring a smile to some faces in Europe. This latest ..

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

High-pressure, continuous hydrogenation unit A unique, 10-in. diameter, fixed-bed hydrogenation unit that can operate at pressures up to 2,000 psi is being offered by CXI for contract manufacturing...

HP Impact: LNG initiative to quantify risks of asset damage
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A joint industry research program is being organized to address the consequences of a terrorist attack on an LNG ship or storage terminal. The consequences of accidental releases will also be addresse..

HP Impact: HPI faces 'daunting task' in delivering fuels to meet demand
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) is urging US policymakers and stakeholders to focus on the supply side of the energy equation and not to take adequate energy supply for grante..

Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

New company formed in Angola Nalco Co.'s (Nalco's) Energy Services Division is forming a partnership with Serviços Petroliferos Limitada (PROPETROL), an Angolan company established in 1996. The..

New Developments

Heat exchanger packages for improved performance Both standard- and custom-configured EasiHeat plug-and-play steam heat exchanger packages are designed for process, domestic and hydronic water-heati..

HP Construction: North America
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Mustang Engineering, L.P., and Syntroleum Corp. have an agreement that allows Mustang to provide full-service design, engineering, procurement and construction services to Syntroleum and its licensees..

HP Construction: Europe
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Linde AG, Wiesbaden, Germany, has an order from BorsodChem RT , Kazincbarcika, Hungary, to supply oxygen and nitrogen. Contract scope includes erecting an on-site air separation plant at BorsodChem wo..

HP Construction: Middle East
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

CB&I has a lump-sum turnkey contract valued at $50 million to design and construct two additional liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks at a terminal in Qatar. The tanks will be used to store co..

HP Construction: Asia-Pacific
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Foster Wheeler Power Machinery Co. Ltd. and Foster Wheeler International Engineering & Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. have a contract with China Petrochemical International Co.'s (SINOPEC's) Maoming P..

HP Construction: Africa
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

USFilter has a contract to supply a water injection system to Total E&P for the Dalia field, offshore Angola. The company was chosen by the joint venture, TSS Dalia , which is comprised of Technip, Sa..

HP Construction: South America
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A gasoline production complex employing Axens technologies is now onstream at the Administracion Nacional de Combustibles Alcohol y Portland (ANCAP) La Teja refinery in Montevideo, Uruguay. The upgrad..

Free Literature

Space-saving boilers Miura Boiler's new catalog features its steam EX gas-oil, dual-fuel line of watertube boilers; steam LX ultra-low NO x line of watertube boilers; steam ..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

  Oil price scenarios OPEC recently decided to cut its ex..

HP Impact: Strong markets for petrochemicals forecast to 2006
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

After seven long years, signs of a fundamental and lasting recovery in the chemicals, plastics and fibers markets are evident. Nevertheless, challenges abound that could derail or delay earnings gains..

HP Impact: High Asian refining margins likely to come under pressure
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

With Asia-Pacific refined product markets hampered by weak margins in most of 2001 and 2002, high margins brought about by the Iraqi war were generally thought to be a temporary phenomenon. Most analy..

HP Impact: Rebounding supply chain management market to grow 7.4%/year
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Consistent with other enterprise software markets, the supply chain management (SCM) market is beginning to recover. The worldwide market is expected to grow 7.4%/yr over the next five years. The mark..

HP Impact: LNG financing, public acceptance make up part of its profitability gamble
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

To build a global LNG business involves many hurdles that should not be underestimated, cautions Michael Stoppard of Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA). The sheer size of the endeavor, comple..

HP Impact: Focus of R&D funding shifting; modest gains forecast for 2004
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Total R&D expenditures in the US are expected to increase 2.5%. This total is forecast to reach $291 billion in 2004 vs. $283.8 billion spent in 2003, according to data from Battelle (www.battelle.org..

HP Impact: 'Hard and soft stuff' both important to HPI value generation
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The refining and marketing industry is beginning to experience a "golden era," according to David Mowat, managing partner of global energy for Accenture. This period will be characterized by demand gr..

HP Impact: Coal to continue fueling US power plants, says DOE
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham projects a 50% increase in coal demand for US electric generation over the next 20 years. "The challenge now is to make clean coal a vital contributor to achievin..