Spooner, B.

Sulphur Experts, Kemah, Texas

Reduce hydrocarbons and solids contamination in sour water strippers

Spooner, B., Engel, D., Sulphur Experts

A modern refinery in Finland processes used lubrication oil and produces renewed base oil for lubrication products, gasoil and fuel gas. The process uses a front-end additive removal stage from the us..

Reduce CO2 in acid gas from amine-based TGTUs

Spooner, B., Derakhshan, F., Sulphur Experts

Improve furnace temperature and sulfur recovery

Iron sulfides-effect on amine plants

Sheilan, M., Amine Experts Inc.; Spooner, B., Sulphur Experts

Amine plants treating gas containing H2S will have iron sulfides in the system. Here's where they help and hinder plant operation