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Hood, D.

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Tomball, Texas

David Hood is a Senior Engineer within the Customer Application Engineering group of SUEZ-Water Technologies & Solutions. In this role, he provides technical support for process treatment applications in North American petrochemical industries. With more than 33 yr of industry experience, Mr. Hood has held a variety of positions in production, technical support, process design and R&D within an array of petrochemical processes including ethylene, butadiene, aromatics, styrene and acrylonitrile. He graduated from Rice University with a BS degree in chemical engineering.

A novel polymerization retarder with boosted performance and improved handling characteristics

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions: Crom, B.  |  Hood, D.  |  Patel, N.  |  Hong, M.

Styrene monomer production plants continually face a need to slow polymerization rates in the purification section of the production process to increase monomer production rates, reduce polymerization/fouling and tar formation, and protect against equipment plugging, especially in the event of unplanned shutdowns.

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